Fr. Tom’s Reflections

October 12, 2014: Living In the Company of Christ

There are two very distinct things emphasized in the Liturgy today. One is the wonderful open invitation of the king (Christ): Come to the feast! God has done everything to prepare a glorious opportunity for us to be in the company of Christ. It is to be a joyful experience -- like a wedding celebration. It is the kingdom of heaven on earth.

This open invitation is contrasted with the necessity of wearing a wedding garment. In the parable the person without the garment is surprised by the expectation. But we should not be surprised by God's expectations for our inner disposition and visible behavior that are becoming of those who are to be companions of Christ.

How do you hear the invitation to come into the company of Christ? What does the imagery of the wedding garment signify about the kind of behavior and disposition you must have?




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