Fr. Tom’s Reflections

December 25 & 28, 2014, January 4, 2015: Relishing the Christmas Season

The Christmas mystery is so central to our faith that we have a liturgical season to celebrate what it means for us. It begins with Christmas Eve and concludes with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord on January 11. On two Sundays the season is marked with the Feast of the Holy Family and Epiphany.

On December 28 we honor the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. We pray that “we may imitate them in practicing the virtues of family life and in the bonds of charity.” On Epiphany we pray: “O God, who on this day revealed your Only Begotten Son to the nations by the guidance of a star, grant in your mercy that we, who know you already by faith, may be brought to behold the beauty of your sublime glory.”

During this Christmas season, take time to relish the meaning of what we celebrate. How do the stories of the Holy Family bring inspiration for your family life? How has your faith been like a guiding star, leading you to Christ?




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