Fr. Tom’s Reflections

February 23, 2014: Going Deeper into God's Word

Over a series of five Sundays our gospel reading is from Matthew's Sermon on the Mount. This sermon of Jesus is comprised of three chapters (5, 6, and 7). As a spiritual exercise I recommend prayerfully reading this entire sermon in your Bible sometime to get a sense of the integrity and extensiveness of this sermon.

Today's gospel is the part of the sermon where Jesus contrasts "You have heard that it was said" with "But I say to you." Jesus takes three commandments from the Old Testament and helps us to go deeper into the root meaning of the instruction God lays out for us. This is to help us truly fulfill the way of living that God intends for us.

The first of these addresses the fifth commandment -- you shall not kill. Instead of brushing it aside too quickly (most of us haven't done that), Jesus expects us to go deeper and notice any budding signs of feelings, thinking, and behavior that could eventually lead to such a terrible thing. When have you experienced these kinds of budding signs? What helps you to process them without acting out violently towards another person?




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