Fr. Tom’s Reflections

March 16, 2014: The "From" and "To" of Lent

The Liturgy of the Word for this Second Sunday of Lent begins with a snapshot of the story of Abraham. God asks Abraham to go forth from the familiarity of his family and home to a land that God will show him (which God does not specify). Paul reminds us that God has called us from the grip of sin to a holy life. Jesus leads his three close friends from their current sense of who he is to a glorious and transfigured picture of himself.

 This journey from something to something else is what the Lenten season is all about. It takes trust, hope, and a willingness to be led by God to undertake such a journey.

Think about God's opportunity for you this Lent. From what is God calling you? Is it from being stuck, a sense of wandering, being overly comfortable, a kind of restlessness? The other side of the coin is to what is God calling you? Is it greater trust in God, wanting Christ to be more part of your life, hoping to be more led by the Holy Spirit?




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