Fr. Tom’s Reflections

March 23: 2014: The Power of Thirst

The imagery of water is rich in the Liturgy this Third Sunday of Lent. The Israelites express their frustration with their experience of physical thirst as they wander in the desert. A woman comes to a well with her water jay to draw water. Jesus comes to the same well but without a water jar. [Interesting] 

In John’s Passion Narrative, as Jesus hangs on the cross, he says, “I thirst.” This thirst is about more than for water. The Lord Jesus desires (thirsts for) us. This is expressed in the Preface for the Eucharistic Prayer today: “So ardently did he (Jesus) thirst for her faith, that he kindled in her the fire of divine love.”

Think about your experience of thirst, including your thirst for God and what is of God. When do you most keenly experience this thirst? How do you experience God’s thirst for you and your faith?




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