Fr. Tom’s Reflections

March 9, 2014: Growing In Faith, Hope, and Love

Fr. Tom’s Reflection for March 9, 2014:

Growing In Faith, Hope, and Love

"The two elements that are especially characteristic of Lent -- the recalling of Baptism or the preparation for it, and Penance -- should be given greater emphasis in the liturgy and in liturgical catechesis. It is by means of them that the Church prepares the faithful for the celebration of Easter, while they listen more attentively to God's Word and devote more time to prayer."

These words come from the Second Vatican Council document on the Sacred Liturgy (n. 109). They are quoted in the introduction to the Roman Missal. They provide a kind of umbrella for us about the meaning of Lent.

Lent helps us to go deeper into what it means for us to be baptized persons even as some people prepare to be baptized at the Easter Vigil. Lent also helps us to go deeper into conversion and repentance and renewal. The word "Lent" comes from an older English word that means Spring. It is meant to be a time of spiritual and personal growth.

What helps you to appreciate what it means for you to be a baptized believer? How is God nudging you to change for good?




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