Fr. Tom’s Reflections

May 4, 2014: On the Way

Today's gospel (Luke 24:13-35) is a recounting of what happened on the way between Jerusalem and Emmaus for two of Jesus' disciples, Cleopas and his unnamed companion (perhaps his wife?). It tells the story of inward transformation and spiritual enlightenment that happens on the physical journey as they travel. This happens as they become aware of the presence of the Risen Christ burning within their hearts in the opening up of the Word and in the celebration of the Eucharist.

"The Way" is a term used in the earliest years of Christianity to name the new way of life as followers of Christ. So in this gospel story a physical journey of moving from one place to another and the Christian way of living are woven together with great skill by the evangelist Luke.

This gospel teaches us how particular "journeys" on the Way and the very Way itself cause inner growth and recognition of Chris's presence similar to the experience of Cleopas and his companion. When have you been keenly aware of the presence of Christ on the Way?




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