Fr. Tom’s Reflections

August 10, 2014: The Hand That Saves Us

We can all relate to “that sinking feeling” that can come over us when things are getting really tough and we feel overwhelmed. Peter experiences that sinking feeling in a literal way in the gospel today. During a storm Peter begins to walk on the water toward Jesus and all of sudden that sinking feeling comes over him and he begins to sink in the water. Peter’s experience is put side by side with the words of Jesus: “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.” Peter grasps Jesus’ outstretched arm and is pulled up.

The gospel today reminds us of another presence when that sinking feeling comes over us. We are not alone. A strong presence is right there to lift us up. What helps you to make it through that sinking feeling? How does Christ Jesus reassure you at such times?




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