Fr. Tom’s Reflections

October 18, 2015: When To Serve And When To Be Served

I often begin my prayer time something like this: “O God, it is my desire that I may come to know and love and serve you in a deeper way, and that I may allow you to know and love and serve me in a deeper way.” 

There is something about serving and being served in the Liturgy of the Word today. We are to let God serve us at the throne of mercy, grace, and timely help.  This is a way of acknowledging God’s sovereignty and great love for us.  As followers of Christ we are also expected to embody unselfish service of others.  This is a way of continuing the mission of Christ in a very real way.

How is God inviting you to approach the throne of grace and to be served by God?  How is God inviting you to be selfless and loving in your humble service to others?





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