Fr. Tom’s Reflections

November 8, 2015: Fostering A Culture Of Hospitality

When the Bible was written there was a strong sense of the culture of hospitality. Caring for the needs of people, even strangers, was a moral imperative and a matter of honor. There were no motel chains or fast food restaurants at the outskirts of towns. To feed a traveling stranger at your door was what people did.

This is the setting of the traveling prophet Elijah who stops at the door of the poor widow and her child during a time of drought and famine. From her very scarce goods she prepares something to eat. Elijah assures her that God will reward her kindness. Elijah also acts as God's intermediary to sustain her in tough times.

When has someone offered you kindness and hospitality in a generous way? How did that person become a channel of God's blessings for you? How does God invite you to extend hospitality to others?




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