Fr. Tom’s Reflections

December 13, 2015: What Should We Do?

“What should we do?” Three times the question is asked of John the Baptist in the gospel today by three groups – the crowds, tax collectors, and soldiers. The questions are asked with sincerity and a sense of urgency. The response of John is very straight forward and very practical. Share with those in need, don’t cheat, don’t bully anyone.

There are times when we ask the question, “what should we do?” Our call to action is usually not something hugely extraordinary but to do ordinary things well. Whatever our state in life, being virtuous, merciful, and sensible is what we are called to do. This way of right living is the context at the time of John and in our day for Christ to come with a fire and the Holy Spirit to usher in a richer sense of God’s reign. Then we can say with the prophet Zephaniah, “The Lord our God is in our midst, a mighty savior!”

What coaxes you to grow in Christian virtue? How does this growth help you to know the nearness of Christ?




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