Fr. Tom’s Reflections

February 15, 2015: Imitate Christ

In today's second reading we hear St. Paul saying, "Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ." St. Paul is pointing out what is central of Christian theology, spirituality, and morality. We are to imitate Christ in our attitudes, speech, and actions.

The gospel today gives us a picture of the imitation of Christ we are to embody. Jesus is moved with compassion about the condition of a leper. He reaches out to him and touches him in a healing way. Then the person spreads the word about this marvelous encounter.

At the heart of our Christ-like living, the imitation of Christ, is an interior heartfelt concern for those who are in need and loving action that helps them move forward. How do you imitate Christ's interior compassion? How do you imitate Christ's loving actions?




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