Fr. Tom’s Reflections

May 17, 2015: Ascending With Christ

I have been reading a wonderful book titled Upward: Faith, Church, and the Ascension of Christ by Anthony Kelly (2014). He writes about the "'ascensional' dynamism of Jesus' whole existence." We, along with Christ, are taken up in the upward call of God (see Phil. 3:14).

The ascension of Christ is often taken for granted and often neglected as an essential dimension of the paschal mystery. Kelly describes how our lives and our mission as followers of Christ are taken up in this upward movement -- beyond what can be the mundane concerns of our daily existence. It is about paying attention to how God wants to draw us and take us up more and more into God's hope and design for us.

How do you experience this upward call of God? When do you experience being drawn up into godly and Christ-like things?




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