Fr. Tom’s Reflections

June 14, 2015: The Marvel of Growth in Nature and in Us

At this time of the year many people have been planting seeds, including farmers and gardeners. Tiny seeds will become crops, vegetables, and flowers. It is quite a wonderful mystery to see plants emerge out of the ground, grow, and produce the hoped-for product -- food to eat and flowers to delight the senses.

This marvel in nature takes center stage in the Liturgy today. A seed sprouts out of the ground. A transplanted tree flourishes. A tiny mustard seed bears branches for birds. People are compared to these seeds and trees. We flourish and produce good fruit when we realize that we are planted by God. We are part of the growing of the Kingdom of God.

What seeds of hope has God planted in you? In what ways do you marvel at how wonderful things come from small things like acts of kindness?




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