Fr. Tom’s Reflections

July 19, 2015: Windows Into the Heart of God

The Liturgy of the Word today gives us a window into the heart of God toward us in our times of need. When our ancestors in Jeremiah's time felt mislead and scattered and driven away by ineffective leaders, God intervened with a promise of a leader who would be raised up among the people. This promise is fulfilled in the coming of Christ. The gospel portrays how Jesus' heart goes out to people who are "like sheep without a shepherd."

These two readings are linked with Psalm 23 with its imagery of the Lord being our good shepherd. The Lord leads us on the right path, stands by our side when we walk in darkness, and follows behind with goodness, kindness, and peace.

When do you especially experience this way of the heart of God toward you? Are there times when you sense God wants you to be a channel of this love toward others?




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