Fr. Tom’s Reflections

August 2, 2015: A Liberated Life Well-Lived

Which is worse -- slavery or famine? Our ancestors in faith, the ancient Israelites, had complained bitterly about their bondage in Egypt. One chapter later (Exodus 16), after their liberation, they complain about their lack of food and water in the desert. God had set them free from slavery. God will also satisfy their hunger with quail and manna and their thirst with water from a rock.

 Through the saving death and resurrection of Christ Jesus we are liberated from enslavement to any kind of bondage including sin. We also benefit from the saving waters of Baptism and the bread from heaven we receive in the Eucharist. Through Christ, God frees us and feeds us.

 With awareness and reflective discernment we can pay attention to any shade of bondage in our lives that keeps us from following Christ freely and joyfully. We can also pay attention to any grasping for things that do not satisfy us spiritually. This awareness can lead to decisions that change us for good.

 How do you know God's liberating power at work in your life? How does God feed you with lasting things?





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