Fr. Tom’s Reflections

October 9, 2016: Mysterious Encounters

As Jesus was approaching a village, ten lepers met him. They were forbidden to enter the village itself lest they contaminate the people living there. So the encounter occurred outside the village. One of the ten was a foreigner, an outsider, a Samaritan. The other nine must have welcomed him into their company even though he was not of their nationality or religion. Their leprous plight had a way of uniting them.

 It was this one who came back to Jesus in gratitude to God for God's gracious act of healing. What motivated him to do so? Was part of the reason because of the welcome he felt from his fellow lepers? Did he see this as a sign of God's acceptance of him in his needy state?

 How do you feel connected with others in your weaknesses? What motivates you to give thanksgiving to God for mercy and healing?




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