Fr. Tom’s Reflections

December 11, 2016: Advent Hope & Joy

The southwestern part of our country has some significant deserts. Much of the year they look barren and lifeless except for the cacti and hardy bushes. When the rain comes in late winter or early spring, the desert floor becomes a carpet of beautiful flowers. This is the imagery captured by the prophet Isaiah in the first reading today. The desert “will bloom with abundant flowers, and rejoice with joyful song.”

This is our Advent prayer. This is our Advent hope – that everything within us and among us that seems lifeless or “asleep” may come to life with our celebration of Christ coming into our lives. In the psalm today we sing, “Lord, come and save us!” We welcome the divine presence into our lives to revive us and enliven us.

What is desert-like in your life? How might God want to renew you?





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