Fr. Tom’s Reflections

September 25, 2016: Bridging the Chasm

In today's gospel we hear the haunting story of the rich man who does nothing to help Lazarus at his doorstep. He was starving and covered with sores. It was only a short physical distance from one side of the door to the other. But there was a huge chasm between his heart and making a step to help Lazarus. There was also a great chasm between the two in death.

The purpose of the parable is to inspire us to do everything we can to bridge such chasms in our society. We do this bridging through our own generous and loving care, by being advocates for the poor, when we become informed about social issues, and when we vote responsibly. Our Sister Parish relationship with St. Rose of Lima in Gris Gris, Haiti, is a positive example of the bridging that is possible.

What "chasms" do you notice in our society? How is your heart stirred with compassion and mercy to bridge the gap? 




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