Fr. Tom’s Reflections

October 2, 2016: The Vision Still Has Time

This Sunday we hear the prophet Habakkuk bemoan the serious troubles of his day. They include violence, ruin, destruction, misery, strife, discord. His list resembles our list today. We would add gun violence, hatred, racism, bigotry, terrorism. It is important for Habakkuk and us to acknowledge and name these realities that fly in the face of the design and hope that God has for us human beings.

 God responds to Habakkuk and us: "The vision still has its time." It is the vision of Paradise in Genesis where the beauty, order, harmony, and goodness of creation are evident. It is the vision of the peaceable Kingdom in Isaiah where predators and prey in nature live together in peaceful oneness. It is the vision of Martin Luther King who announced, "I have a dream!" His vision of an end to racism as well as equality and freedom for all continues to be a work in progress.

 How does God's vision for us human beings give you hope? What helps you to do your part in bringing this vision to fulfillment?  




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