Fr. Tom’s Reflections

October 29, 2017: It Comes Down to Love

The Liturgy this Sunday highlights the vital role that love is to have in our lives. The Greek word used in the Biblical texts is agape, which means a giving of self for the good of others. St. Paul reminds us that the Lord Jesus himself is the supreme model of this love. We are to imitate him.

Jesus summarizes all of God's expectations for us with the two-fold commandment to love God and our neighbor. Everything we are to do in a Christ-like manner hangs on these two faces of love.

Today we reflect on an act of love that is very important in our life as a parish -- our commitment of financial support. The portion of our financial resources we offer is an act of love of God and an act of love of neighbor. Through what actions do you demonstrate your love of God and neighbor?





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