Fr. Tom’s Reflections

October 15, 2017: Responding to God's Gracious Love

Every once in a while we will hear some acclaim, “God will provide!” It is a bold statement of faith regarding God’s provident way toward us. This truth rings through the Word of God in the Liturgy today. The prophet Isaiah describesa magnificent feast of rich food and choice wines that God provides. Jesus tells a parable about a lavish wedding feast that a king provides for his son. These feasts symbolize God’s gifts of life, faith, saving grace, and love given for us.

But this is only half of the story. The other part of the story involves us. We must respond. We must engage with God’s saving and provident way toward us. Our response entails joyful thanksgiving (which is at the heart of our celebration of the Eucharist). We also help other people to benefit from God’s providential love by what we say and do. We express our gratitude to God by humble loving service toward our sisters and brothers.

When are you especially aware of God’s gracious and provident love? In what ways do you respond to this way of God toward us human beings?





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