Fr. Tom’s Reflections

August 20, 2017: Doing What is Right and Just

The Liturgy of the Word today begins with a one-line statement that can be a motto by which we are to live. “Observe what is right, do what is just,” the Lord says through the prophet Isaiah. Doing what is right and just is essential to our identity as a people in covenant relationship with God. For God and for human beings, justice means living in a right relationship with self, God, and others.

This motto has two parts to it. The first step is observing and noticing what right relationships look like in the Bible. That is why Sunday after Sunday God’s ways are proclaimed to us in the Eucharistic assembly. The second part – and sometimes a challenging one – is to actually behave according to the examples we are given.

What do you especially observe about right and just living? What helps you to live this way?





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