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November 18, 2018: Thinking About the “End” Times

Thinking About the “End” Times

Today we celebrate the second last Sunday in this liturgical year. In two weeks we begin the season of Advent with a new liturgical year. Our focus shifts to what we call the “end times.” This is signaled by the words “In those days” in today’s gospel and in the reading from the prophet Daniel.

We use the word “end” in two different ways. One sense of the word is about termination or completion – like the end of a movie or the end of a challenging ordeal. Another sense of the word has to do with the goal or purpose of a project or task we undertake. This second sense of “end” connotes fulfillment and accomplishment. Both senses of the word apply to our Christian living. The day will come for each of us when our pilgrimage on earth will be completed. At certain times we muse about the goal and purpose of our lives.

Using both senses of this word, what do you see as the goal and purpose of your life? How do you want to be remembered once your pilgrimage of faith is completed?





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