Fr. Tom’s Reflections

April 22, 2018: How the Shepherd is "Good"

Today we hear one of several “I am” statements by Jesus in John’s gospel: “I am the good shepherd.” The Greek word translated “good” could also be translated “model” or “noble” or “beautiful.” Each of these English words give us a differently nuanced meaning of the phrase. The next sentence gives us a sense of what this means: “A good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.” Substitute the other words to give a richer sense of this statement.

Throughout this Easter season we ponder and celebrate what God has done for us through Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension. This joyous season moves our hearts in gratitude to gives thanks to God. And we ponder how we are to imitate the model Jesus gives us in our daily living.

When are you most aware of what it means that Christ Jesus laid down his life for us? How does it impact your life?





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