Fr. Tom’s Reflections

April 8, 2018: Doubt - A Doorway to Faith

Each year on the Second Sunday of Easter we hear the gospel story about Thomas, one of the Twelve. He is best known as the "doubting Thomas" because he doubts that the risen Christ has appeared to the others in his absence. But for Thomas, doubt becomes a doorway to deeper faith. He is invited to touch the wounds of the body of the Risen Jesus. And he proclaims the now famous words, "My Lord and my God."

There is a tremendously hopeful lesson from this Easter story for us who live in the 21st century of Christianity. We can easily become fearful or ashamed of our own experiences of doubt. It feels uncomfortable.

The Good News is that doubt can lead to greater faith when we acknowledge its reality and when we acknowledge the reality of the Risen Christ who is always with us. Like Thomas, we might find ourselves being led to a long-lasting deeper level of faith that includes a more intimate sense of Christ's presence.

What and who have helped you in times of doubt? How can you help another "doubting Thomas"  come to greater faith?




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