Fr. Tom’s Reflections

June 10, 2018

In my absence, I have asked one of our lay presiders who leads the weekday Word and Communion Service to offer a reflection on the Sunday readings.

Scripture is filled with references to houses and Sunday’s Gospel is no exception.  These references should come as no surprise, after all Jesus was a carpenter and will speak to what is familiar.  If Jesus were living today, in the era of television, would He have a program on HGTV called Fixer Uppers or even Flip or Flop, shows taking houses ranking from eew to not-so-bad and candidates for improvement prior to becoming an everlasting home?  Jesus, the carpenter, knows the need for a good foundation.  Before any building can continue to be built the foundation has to be set, conditioned and in good shape.  A good carpenter is aware of the need for load bearing walls/posts and other safety factors, before highlighting the must haves of an open concepts, a  kitchen island for all to gather around.  Our homes, our parish community, ourselves are reminded to keep our foundation and all parts of our home in good repair. A house divided against it-self will not last.  In a good faith filled home God is at the center, doors are open and welcoming, food is shared in friendship and service with love for all.  Does your house need a little (or a lot) of fixing up?  Is it in need of a good Carpenter?  If so, we all know One we can personally recommend. 

                                                                                                 Barbara Skierecki, Lay Minister





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