Fr. Tom’s Reflections

July 22, 2018: How the Lord Shepherds Us

The imagery of the Lord being our Shepherd weaves throughout the Liturgy of the Word today – from the prophet Jeremiah, in Psalm 23, and in the gospel. Shepherds were very commonplace in Biblical times. This is a good example of how Jesus and the Scripture writers used things in everyday life to help us appreciate how God is toward us.

Psalm 23 gives us word-picture of three ways in which the Lord is our Good Shepherd: he goes ahead of us, leading and guiding; he is right by our side to give comfort and courage; he follows behind with goodness and kindness and peace. So there is this sense of literally being surrounded by the Lord’s presence as we journey in faith, hope, and love.

How do you know the presence of Lord as the Good Shepherd in your life? How is God inviting you to be with people in a shepherding way?




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