Fr. Tom’s Reflections

July 8, 2018: The Sufficiency of Grace

In today’s Mass, we hear St. Paul telling us about his experience of what he calls “a thorn in the flesh.” He does not tell us exactly what he meant. It leaves us to wonder, was it something physical, psychological, and spiritual? Three times he asks the Lord Jesus to remove it from his life experience. Then he hears the divine message: “My grace is sufficient for you.” In his weakness, Paul becomes more keenly aware of the strong presence of Christ in his life.

There are times we experience such a “thorn.” We might describe it as “a pain in the neck.” It is bothersome and we would like to get rid of it. Like Paul, we need to welcome the strong and saving presence of Christ who is present to us in our weaknesses. Then our emphasis is on Christ’s loving presence and accompaniment with us rather than complaining about our troubles.

When have you sensed Christ saying to you, “my grace is sufficient for you”?





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