Fr. Tom’s Reflections

August 26, 2018: Decision Time

There is a clear sense in the Word of God today of the importance of making a purposeful choice and decision to serve God and to be in Christ’s company. Joshua boldly acclaims before the people: “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” (There were all kinds of other “gods” that they could serve.) The people gathered together basically make the same acclamation as their leader Joshua. In the gospel Jesus asks the haunting question of the Twelve: “Do you want to leave me too?” (Some people found Jesus’ teachings too hard to accept.) Peter speaks for the group about their desire and decision to follow Christ.

Sometimes life can seem like we are traveling along on a choo-choo train or going in circles on a merry-go-round. There is a mindlessness about it. Something seems to be taking us along and we are passive participants. Today we are reminded that we are to be active participants in the journey of faith and life. We need to make a conscious, whole-hearted decision to follow Christ and to serve the Lord faithfully by loving God and our neighbor.

How deep is your decision to follow Christ in this twenty-first century? With all the other “gods” around us, what helps you to serve the Lord God?





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