Fr. Tom’s Reflections

January 27, 2019: From the Parish Staff: We Feel It, Too.

As this bulletin is being prepared while I am on vacation, the parish staff has written a letter for parishioners.

From the Parish Staff: We Feel It, Too.

The uncovering of abuse and betrayal in our Church has been upsetting to all of us. The lay staff here at Risen Savior wants you to know – we feel it, too. Although Father Tom and our guest presiders have addressed this issue in their homilies, we have heard questions and concerns from many members of our community; we want to address those questions as honestly and openly as we are able. Here are the most common questions we have been getting.

Why would you continue to work for the Catholic Church? 

Though there is no one, complete answer to this question for all of us, at the core of our choice to stay is a deep commitment to the daily work and true mission of the Church.  We are privileged to see the good done every day by the people of God and the real difference God’s presence makes in the lives of our community members. As your staff, we continue to live out, alongside you, the Mission Statement of our parish: Our doors are open to all.  Our Eucharist is a Celebration of the Risen Savior. Our Call is to Love and Serve. Even in our anger and pain, we hold tight to our call to be a light in the darkness.  We will not let evil be the last word for us or for our Church.

Why should I continue to support the Catholic Church, the Archdiocese and Risen Savior?

Your continued support allows for the current and future operations of our parish.  In spite of the abuses by some clergy of the past, Risen Savior is an active, contributing member of our larger community, making a positive difference in the lives of many. We strive to be the change we hope to see in our Church and in our world.  The Archdiocese has, of course, had a change of leadership. We are optimistic about the leadership of Archbishop Hebda and see in him a shepherd who will always be honest with us, his flock, while doing what is right by the victims of the past.

Can I give to Risen Savior without my contributions being assessed by the Archdiocese?

Yes and no.  In-kind gifts, such as donating paint for the hallway (thank you again Knights of Columbus!) are not taxed or assessed by the Archdiocese. All funds spent by Risen Savior, though, are indeed assessed. The assessment rate is 9% for a parish without a school, like Risen Savior, and 8% for a parish with a school. This means that anything we pay for is added up at the end of the fiscal year, and we are assessed based on all expenditures, no matter their use. Until November 2018, we were allowed to have dedicated accounts that were essentially “side accounts” with lesser assessment for funds for special purposes; we are currently working with the archdiocesan accounting staff to find acceptable substitutes. Our assessment pays for many things at the archdiocesan level, among them are the Seminary, the Latino Ministry office, diocese operations (such as our deanery liaison, who serves as our contact for this area to the Archdiocese) and other services.

Though we are grateful for in-kind gifts and understand peoples’ desire to control how their donations are utilized, these types of gifts will not keep our doors open.  Regular Sunday giving is vital for daily operations, building upkeep, and staff salaries.

As a new year begins and the bankruptcy case in our Archdiocese draws to a close, we, the staff, are energized to work with you, our community, to heal and move forward in hope, doing the Lord’s work and worshiping together.





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