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February 3, 2019: What Is Your Response To the Message of Jesus?

What Is Your Response To the Message of Jesus?

There is a huge difference between the response of people to Jesus’ words in today’s gospel compared to last Sunday. The setting is the synagogue in Nazareth where Jesus grew up. Last Sunday we heard of the people’s response of looking at him attentively, taking in his message. Today the response if very different. They want to throw him off a cliff! Even in this century the response of people to Jesus’ gospel message varies from attentive listening and embracing of his Good News to partial and even total rejection.

St. Paul describes the heart of Jesus’ message in his lovely poem on love. It is sacrificial love. It is a mature love. It is a way of saying by our words and deeds “I am here for you.” It is manifested in humble, respectful, generous, loving service of other people. Some people choose to live this way. Other people choose a lifestyle of childish selfishness.

How do you respond to the gospel message of Jesus? How would people around you describe your response?





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