Fr. Tom’s Reflections

February 10, 2019: The Grace of God At Work

The gospel reading today begins with very descriptive imagery of a crowd of people “pressing in on Jesus and listening to the word of God.” We see this kind of “pressing” in various crowds today that almost become mob-like. There is great energy and movement. What is at work in this gospel scene is the attractive presence of Christ that draws people to himself.

St. Paul speaks of this wonderful truth in another way today in naming the “grace of God that is with me.” Paul is very tuned into how the grace-full presence of the Risen Christ is present and active in his life. Paul realizes that his proclamation of the Good News is not so much his work but the work of Christ.

When does your participation in community prayer feel like “pressing in” on Jesus? When are you especially aware that the grace of God is at work in you?





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