Fr. Tom’s Reflections

April 28, 2019: Entering the Door of Doubt

Entering the Door of Doubt

Each year on this Second Sunday of Easter we hear the gospel story of the encounter between the Risen Christ and St. Thomas the Apostle. To our day he is familiarly known as “the doubting Thomas.” Because of this scene, doubt regarding things of faith often has a negative connotation. Doubt often rattles people and makes them feel uncomfortable.

But Thomas shows us another dimension about doubt. Instead of being a brick wall, doubt is a doorway into deeper faith. By being present to his experience of doubt and because of Jesus’ invitation to see and believe, he becomes a model for believers with his acclamation, “My Lord and my God!”

When has doubt been part of your faith-life? When have you, like Thomas, passed through doubt to deeper faith?





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