Fr. Tom’s Reflections

August 25: Being Known By the Lord

In the Liturgy of the Word today there is a sense of the importance of realizing that we are known by the Lord. It begins in the first reading from the prophet Isaiah, “Thus says the Lord: I know their works and their thoughts.” The gospel portrays people knocking at the door pleading for entrance. From within comes the voice, “I do not know where you are from.” In other versions of this gospel the message is, “I do not know you.”

Our journey of faith entails knowing the Lord. (Not just knowing about the Lord.) It also entails allowing ourselves to be known by the Lord. This necessitates transparency with God, being honest with God regarding our joys and struggles, not pretending that God does not notice or care about us. We need to be honest and transparent with God just as we need to be honest and transparent with a spouse or good friend.

How do you come to know the Lord? How do you allow yourself to be known by the Lord?                                                               





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