Prayers of the Faithful for October 11 & 12, 2014


Let us pray for the church, the world, our communities and our families: for all who are invited to the great wedding feast.


  1. October is Respect Life Month. For all people throughout the world: that they might recognize and treat each person as a masterpiece of God’s creation; we pray to the Lord…we pray:
  2. For all who govern across the world, in our country, and in our local communities: that they may be empowered to imagine great possibilities for all people, especially those in need … we pray:
  3.  For all who are called to the Eucharistic banquet: that they may be inspired to respond in gratitude and hope … we pray:
  4.  For those who have never experienced abundance: for the hungry, the homeless, the unemployed or underemployed, those without adequate health care or education, those who do not feel invited … we pray:
  5.  For those who make it possible for the needy to share in the abundance of others: for food pantries and food banks, soup kitchens, corporate donors and generous individuals … we pray:
  6.  For those who are ill and have asked us to pray for them.  For comfort and healing for all who are ill…we pray:
  7.  We remember those who have died, especially Mary Patricia Short, the mother of Leo Short.  For those who grieve the passing of a loved-one…we pray:


Generous and loving God, we approach you with our many needs, knowing that your heart and arms are open to us in constant invitation. Give us the grace to respond freely and to reflect your openness and abundance to others. We pray in the name of Jesus, who reflects your glorious riches. Amen.




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