Prayers of the Faithful for October 18 & 19, 2014


Let us pray for a harmonious world where churches, governments, and individuals all receive a just share of the world’s resources and wealth.


  1. For a world where all leaders and those in authority serve the common good; for the humility to support and follow legitimate leaders, and for the courage to challenge the abuse of power, whatever the cost … we pray:
  2. For a world without war: for dialogue instead of violence … we pray:
  3. For a world without poverty: for bread for those who are hungry and for generosity for those who have bread … we pray:
  4. For a world without prejudice: for tolerance, acceptance, delight in the diversity of humankind, … we pray:
  5.  For a world where all life is treated with dignity: for the unborn, the elderly, the mentally and physically challenged and all who are marginalized…we pray:
  6.  For those who are ill and have asked us to pray for them. May all who suffer be comforted by God’s care and the prayers of their neighbors...we pray:
  7. We remember those who have died, especially Lynda Meierhenry; Leh Jirik, the brother of Kate Adamek. For those who must die alone and un-loved with no one to care for them...we pray:


Loving God, you care for your people through those who lead us. Hear the prayers we lay before you, and give us the power to discern each day what we owe to them and to you. We pray in the name of your Son, Jesus, who teaches us to honor you above all. Amen.




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