Prayers of the Faithful for November 22 & 23, 2014


My friends, we are invited to live in the kingdom of God; a kingdom that is in the here and now. Let us ask God to hear our prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, Shepherd, and King.


  1. In the kingdom of God there is peace. For peace among the nations; within families and communities; for peace within our hearts...we pray:
  2. In the kingdom of God, there is generosity. For an increase in charity toward all people; for attitudes of acceptance, encouragement and generosity...we pray:
  3. In the kingdom of God there is love. For all who will be celebrating Thanksgiving with loved-ones; and for those who will be spending the day alone with nothing to eat...we pray:
  4. In the kingdom of God there is gratitude. For the grace to count our blessings when we are troubled and to remember those less fortunate when we are happy...we pray:
  5. In the kingdom of God there is simplicity. For the will to cast off unnecessary burdens; to let go of the baggage of too many possessions and too many worries...we pray:
  6. In the kingdom of God there is healing. We pray for those who are sick and have asked for our prayers. May all who suffer illness find healing  in knowing that they are held in the palm of God’s hand...we pray:
  7. In the kingdom of God there is eternal rest. We pray for those who have died . For all whose names have been inscribed in our Book of the Dead, and for those grieving passing of a loved-one... we pray:


God, you are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Help us to follow you and to know your ways. Hear and answer our prayers, for we make them in the Name of your Son and our brother Jesus Christ our Savior and King. AMEN.




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