Prayers of the Faithful for November 8 & 9, 2014


Having heard the Word of God, may we who have been made members of the living church through our Baptism pray now for one another and for the world.



  1. That Christians may be a profound sign of God’s dynamic presence in the world; for unity among all baptized Christians…we pray:
  2. That we may show one another the same reverence we attribute to holy spaces and places…we pray:
  3. For those who seek refuge in sacred structures because of war, violence or injustice:  for a world that is safe and just for all…we pray:
  4. For all who build or care for sacred buildings:  architects, builders, fundraisers, custodians, building and grounds overseers…we pray:
  5. For all who create sacred space wherever they gather in prayer:  in cathedrals or in chapels, in homes or in storefronts, in hospital rooms or on the battlefield…we pray:
  6. For those who do not feel God’s presence in their lives:  the poor, the homeless, the unemployed or underemployed, the discouraged or despairing…we pray:
  7. For the sick and those in need among us who have asked for our prayers, including Tony Reckinger, Henry Valo, Barbara George; for all who suffer, we pray:
  8. For those who have died. For our ancestors who passed on their faith in God to us. For those mourning the loss of a loved one…we pray:



Ever-present God, you have called us to be a living sign of your presence to one another and to the world. Help us to be worthy of your calling and to be faithful witnesses to all who cross our paths each day. We ask this in the name of Jesus, our living foundation. Amen.




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