Prayers of the Faithful for December 13 & 14, 2015


We who persevere are still waiting for the world we hope to see. We pray now for that world, for those whose patience is stretched, and for ongoing hope.


  1. For all of us gathered here: may we, like John the Baptist, be worthy heralds of the Lord’s coming...we pray:
  2. For decision makers at every level who have the power to promote justice, peace and hope for all who suffer ... we pray:
  3. For all who still wait in pain or poverty and for those too afraid to speak on their behalf ... we pray:
  4. For those who serve the needy directly, especially in dangerous situations; and those whose calling is to pray, give moral support or financial assistance ... we pray:
  5. For prophets among us whose voices challenge us and encourage us to hope ... we pray:
  6. For our Jewish brothers and sisters who celebrate the festival of Hanukkah this week ... we pray:
  7. Let us pray for those who are ill and have asked for our prayers including Joe Carlisano.  May all who suffer be encouraged by the Lord’s coming...we pray
  8. For those who have died, especially Bob Leifeld, the brother of Mary Lu Steigauf; Dorothy Fossum; and Rogene and Clarence Faust, parents of Susan Casper. May all who have gone before us rest in eternal peace...we pray:


God of hope, we present our needs to you because you are faithful to your promises. We pray for the grace to be beacons of hope for others, as together we await the coming of your Son, the Anointed One. Amen.




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