Prayers of the Faithful for December 24 & 25, 2014


As we rejoice in the love of God, which is reborn among us on this holy night/day; let us also remember those in need throughout the world.


  1. Deep was the night of the Savior’s birth. For those living through a personal night of pain or anxiety, we pray:
  2. Long desired was the promise then fulfilled. For those who long for deliverance from oppression or addiction, we pray:
  3. Joyful was the angels’ song. For those who share in the joy of this festive day, and for those who have no one to celebrate with, we pray:
  4. Bright was the star that led the way. For those who lead others in the way of Christ, we pray:
  5. Peaceful was the shepherds’ adoration of the Christ Child at the manger. For warring nations throughout the world; gift our world with your peace, we pray:
  6. Limitless is God’s comfort for those who are suffering. We pray for those who are ill and have asked for our prayers: Joe Carlisano, Audrey Ticky, Rich Olson, Karen Bauer. For all who are suffering, we pray:
  7. Glorious is God’s gift of Salvation to the world. For those who have died in the knowledge that Christ has overcome sin and death, especially James Coburn, the brother of Mary Ehalt, we pray:


Lord God, we thank you for sending us the most perfect gift – Jesus, the Messiah;

and for revealing your grace to us. Help us to accept your gifts of Salvation.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.




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