Prayers of the Faithful for May 17/18, 2014:


As we celebrate our Ministry Fair, let us pray for the church’s work in the world, the work of making peace, living justice and serving the needs of others.



  1. We pray for all communities of faith:  For all those who care for the material needs of the church: for those who minister to the poor, visit the sick and imprisoned, care for our buildings, answer the phones and greet those at the door … we pray:
  2.  For those whose ministry it is to preach: pastors, deacons and lay preachers who preach from a pulpit; for Christian writers and editors, composers and artists, readers and lectors, cantors and choirs; and all who, by their lives, preach the good news … we pray:
  3. For those whose ministry is hospitality: greeters, ushers, sacistans, altar servers, Eucharistic ministers, and all whose face reflects God’s love and grace toward others...we pray:
  4. For young people: for those who are graduating this year and for the protection of our youth from all that is harmful to the spirit; for youth ministers, catechists, teachers, couselors, coaches, and all whose ministry is the formation of our youth and children … we pray:
  5. We pray for those in need: for the hungry, the imprisoned, the homeless and those without work; for those who struggling in any way … we pray:
  6. We pray for mothers and fathers and loved ones of the girls kidnapped in Nigeria And the young people lost in the Korea ferry disaster; and for all parents of children who are missing or who have died...we pray:
  7.  We pray for those who are ill and have asked for our prayers:Jerry Rother, Tom Ulrich . May all who suffer be comforted  by our love and concern and by God’s healing touch…we pray:
  8.  We remember those who have died especially Bev Hermes the sister in law of Chris Parker, and for those who mourn the loss of loved one; … we pray:


Faithful and loving God, hear our prayers this day and bring us to the fulfillment your love intends. We pray always in the name of Jesus, your Son and our Risen Lord, forever and ever. Amen.




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