Prayers of the Faithful for May 24/25, 2014


Brothers and sisters in Christ, our Lord Jesus promised us that God would send us the Holy Spirit to guide us and to speak for us as we pray for the needs of the world. Let us pray.


  1. We pray for the Holy Spirit to renew our church, that everything about our life together proclaims the good news of the kingdom and celebrates the reality of Jesus’ presence among us and within us … we pray:
  2.  We pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance for all who serve in civil government, that they may create an environment in which all can live together without fear, in freedom and mutual respect … we pray:
  3. We pray for the Holy Spirit’s activity in our families, that they may be protected from the values and influences that pull them apart … we pray:
  4. We pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence in the lives of the homeless, the unemployed, and those who most need our prayers, may they be filled with comfort and courage … we pray:
  5. We pray for the Holy Spirit’s presence in the lives of those who are ill and have asked for our prayers: Tom Ulrich, and Dale O’Brien. May all who suffer be comforted  by our love and concern and by God’s healing touch…we pray:
  6. We remember those who have died. On this Memorial Day weekend, we pray for those who lost their lives in war and for those in danger today. We ask the Holy Spirit visit and comfort the loved-ones they left behind … we pray:


 Good and gracious God, your Holy Spirit speaks for us. Grant what our Advocate inspires us to ask for  in the name of the Risen Christ our Lord.




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