Prayers of the Faithful for June 21 & 22, 2014


God of heaven and earth, trusting in your loving providence, we pray to you for peace, reconciliation and justice in our world.     



  1. For the universal Church, many members but one body: that God may gather it together from the ends of the earth, safeguard its unity, and perfect it in love, we pray:
  2. For the grace of insight: that we may recognize Jesus in the Breaking of the Bread and in one another as members of the Body of Christ, we pray:
  3. For all who spend life finding their next meal: that hearts of believers may respond generously to their need and that governments and corporations will work to bring food to those who need it most, we pray:
  4.  For those who bring Eucharist to hospitals and the homebound, that they be signs of God’s love, compassion and healing, we pray:
  5. For those who do not have access to the Eucharist because of the shortage of priests, deacons, or lay leaders to serve them…we pray:       
  6. For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers, including Veronica Wolff, Dennis Fastener, Ruth Olberding, Richard Olsen.  May the God who gives himself as food for others be nourishment, comfort, and healing for all who suffer …we pray:                
  7. For all who have gone to their rest with faith in the resurrection, especially Howard Kuhn,  the father of Larry Kuhn and Kerry Levandoski. And for all who mourn their passing…we pray:            


O Lord, our God, we confess that in Christ the fullness of your glory has been revealed. May your Spirit empower us to live as faithful members of Christ’s body and to extend his salvation to all the world. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.




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