Prayers of the Faithful for July 12 & 13, 2014


We who have received God’s mercy humbly ask for the needs of the church and the world.


  1. For the Church: that we may spread the hope, joy and vitality of the Good News with great generosity so that all may experience the compassionate mercy of God, we pray:
  2. For a greater love for the Word of God: that we may find quiet in our lives to allow the Word of God to challenge and prune us so that we may bear abundant fruit, we pray:
  3. For all who spread the Word of God, for preachers, teachers, parents, and writers: that they may announce God’s loving compassion faithfully and convincingly so that others may encounter the living God, we pray:
  4. For inspiration and vision: that God will sustain us and guide us through the hardships and difficult decisions that we face along life’s journey, we pray:
  5. For the Risen Savior youth who are taking their mission trip next week: that God will guide them safely on their journey, help them to learn from those whom they visit, and to use their gifts fully for those whom they serve, we pray:
  6. For those who are ill, especially Debbie Wolf Rafnson, may all who suffer find comfort and healing by God’s power and by the prayers of this community, we pray:
  7. For those who have died,  and for those who are grieving the passing of someone dear to them … we pray:



Loving God, hear our prayers this day and bless us as we strive to live as disciples, faithful to your word. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.





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