Prayers of the Faithful for July 19 & 20, 2014


Our burdens are made light by our trust in God, who hears our prayers.


  1. That the Missionaries of the Camboni Missionary Program, and all those who spread the Gospel, receive adequate resources for comforting the suffering, counseling the despairing, and consoling the grieving…we pray:
  2. That all who work for justice and reconciliation may be a leaven in society to bring forth the reign of God, we pray:
  3.  That those who perished in the Malaysian Airline tragedy last Thursday find rest in the arms of God; may all who mourn their loss find comfort and peace, we pray:
  4.  That world leaders work to obtain peaceful solutions to serious problems in troubled areas, especially in the Middle East and Ukraine, we pray:
  5.  That the children arriving at the our border may be treated with respect and care, and that they may find places safe from violence, gangs, and oppression, we pray:
  6.  That God will free all who are caught in past mistakes and help them to begin again, we pray:
  7.  That those who are ill may find healing and comfort including Debbie Wolf Rafnson, we pray:
  8.  That those who have died find rest and peace, especially Karen Pirkl, the mother of Tony Pirkl, and Bernard Rodden, the father of Joanne Osterhaus; and for all who have died in the hope of the resurrection … we pray:


Lord, help us truly to pray with the Spirit, for then we will pray with love for you and all your people. Amen




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