Prayers of the Faithful for July 5 & 6, 2014


Christ invites us to be refreshed in his love. Let us entrust to the Redeemer our concerns:


  1. That the members of the church be filled with the Spirit and recommit themselves as good stewards, we pray:
  2. That God bless the people of this great country and guide our leaders to search for peaceful solutions to problems in a troubled world, we pray:
  3. That all who gather at this table find in their faith the strength to meet every difficulty, we pray:
  4. That we may seek wisdom and be open to the gift of each new day, trusting that God will make all things work for our good, we pray:
  5. That all who are burdened by life: the sick and those who care for them and those who struggle to feed their families, may they find rest in Christ, renewal of their spirits, and the assistance which they need, we pray:
  6. That God will guide all who are traveling and bring them safely to their destinations, we pray:
  7. That those who are ill and have asked for our prayers, including Richard Olsen.  May they find comfort and healing, we pray:                
  8. That those who have died, and their families, know rest, peace, and comfort, we pray:            


Loving Father, your dominion is over all the earth. By the power of your Spirit, answer the prayers that we make in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.




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