Prayers of the Faithful for August 16 & 17, 2014

Presider: Let us pray for our needs with persistence and great faith.


  1. That the faith and joy of believers attract unbelievers into God’s loving arms, we pray:
  2. That people of every race and culture seek to understand those who are different from themselves, we pray:
  3. That every immigrant and alien be treated with dignity as a beloved child of God, we pray:
  4. That those who are persecuted for their faith find strength in the love of God, especially the Christians in northern Iraq, we pray:
  5. That God will move hearts of world leaders to make efforts that resolve differences and promote peace in the Middle East, we pray:
  6. That those on the verge of giving up find strength to persevere, we pray:
  7. That those who form our community of faith root out prejudice and welcome every stranger, we pray:
  8. That those who are ill may find healing and comfort including Shirley George and Jerry Zimmerman. For all who suffer, we pray:
  9. That those who have died find rest and peace, and for all who have died in the hope of the resurrection … we pray:


Almighty and ever living God, you desire that all people be saved: hear these prayers that our faith may be increased and we may one day live with you forever. Amen




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