Prayers of the Faithful for August 23 & 24, 2014


We are the Church of God! With confidence and faith we pray for our needs and the need of the world.


  1. We pray for the church in the world: for the courage to preach the Gospel, to tell the truth to power; to stand with those treated unjustly; to minister to those in need … we pray:
  2.  We pray for worship and spiritual leaders: our Pope Francis, for ordained and non-ordained church leaders, for those who pray faithfully every week together; for musicians and singers, readers and ushers, greeters and ushers, Eucharistic ministers and servers and all who show hospitality to others … we pray:
  3. We pray for those who serve others by their professional skills: for doctors and nurses; social workers and therapists; counselors and spiritual directors; those who work in our food pantries and those who visit the sick and imprisoned … we pray:
  4. We pray for world leaders; may they lead with honesty, integrity, cooperation and compassion…we pray:
  5. That those who are ill may find healing and comfort including Shirley George, Jerry Zimmerman, Mary Short,  and for all who cannot worship with us today because of illness... we pray:
  6.  May those who have died find eternal rest and peace, especially Bill Haley, the husband of Pat Haley; Dorothy Bunecicky, the mother of Claire Short; Charles Whitmore the father of Cheryl Schreader.   We pray for all who have died in the hope of the resurrection … we pray:


Faithful God, increase our faith in your care for us and in your power to provide what we need. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.




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