Prayers of the Faithful for August 9 & 10, 2014


We ask God’s kindness, bringing our concerns with confidence.


  1. For grace of deeper trust in God: that we may surrender our fears to God who makes all things work for the good and who is always with us, we pray:
  2.  For a growth in faith: that we may keep Christ as the center of our attention and never tire of calling out for God’s saving help when a crisis arises, we pray:
  3.  For freedom from fear: that we may hear the voice of Christ calling us to not be afraid and confidently move forward each day, we pray:
  4.  For all who are separated from loved ones, especially members of the military: that they will find strength in Christ who makes us all one, we pray:
  5.  For peace: that God may calm the storms of war and bloodshed and bring the human family to calm and cooperation, we pray:
  6.  For healing: that those suffering from illness, especially those in Africa stricken with the Ebola virus, receive medical aid and God’s healing presence as they fight to recover, we pray:
  7.  For those who are ill and have asked for our prayers, for all who suffer, we pray:
  8. For those who have died, especially Dennis Fastner, the husband of Kathy Fastner, for all our beloved dead and for all who mourn the passing of a loved-one, we pray:

Presider: God of wind and sea, you calm our fears and bring us peace. Hear the prayers your Spirit inspires us to offer and grant what we ask through Christ our Lord.




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